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Sarah Jefferson is a long-time artist and  has been developing the dream nets since 2000.

The Dream Nets are more than just art.  They are dynamic structure and sculpture.   The Dream Nets are site-specific, tensile tree-platforms.  Each one is woven on site, and in place.  -A safe and tactile play-space and inspired tree fort, for children and adults.  They are the combined inspiration of: dream catchers, macramé, hammocks, crochet,  and spider-webs.  -But on a much larger scale.  Most often, the Dream Nets are built as semi-permanent  installations, but can also be used in temporary situations, such as festivals and events.  They are a cost effective alternative, or a perfect addition to any Treehouse.  Average lifespan is 10+ years under ideal conditions.  Materials used are most often Nautical/Fishery supplies.  Other sources of industry are Logging, Trucking and Machining.  Some materials are repurposed from these industries directly.

As of this new year in 2015, exactly 50 nets have been built.

The initial vision of the Dream Nets was born around 2001, and the first net was built, finally, in the summer of 2002 at the National Rainbow Gathering in Michigan.  Materials for that net were hiked in 3 miles, and we made ladders of fallen wood from the site.

Uses for all ages may include: Play-scapes, Relaxation Space, Climber's Platform, Bird Blind, Indoor Lofts, Canopy Research, Forest Education,  Adventure or Camping Destinations, Sleep Spaces, Garden Seating, Large Art Installations, Hunting Platforms and… well, it really is endless.



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